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This week I’ve chosen Poltergeist for the movie of the week. A childhood favorite of mine, sounds hilarious I know but I seriously think I was ten the first time I watched this movie and I’ve literally watched it every Halloween since! Apparently there’s a remake in the works but I’m a stick-with-the-classics kinda gal, although I have been surprised by some rather decent remakes such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. I guess we’ll see what happens!

This movie was beyond scary for its time, and I think it still holds up pretty well. I especially like the kitchen chair scene, its so freaky and seems like something that could really happen, if you lived in a haunted house. The clown scene on the other hand scarred me for life, I’ve always been scared of clowns, or maybe its just since I watched this movie…If you’ve never seen this movie it is a necessity for any horror fan! Go watch it 🙂

If you have seen it, have you heard about the “poltergeist curse”? It’s super scary, a lot of strange things -including untimely deaths- happened to people who we’re involved in these films. You can learn all about it at one of my fav blogs Rhinos Horror. Here’s the link to his blog post on the poltergeist curse, super creepy! http://rhinoshorror.com/2012/04/05/a-look-into-the-poltergeist-curse/

Enjoy 🙂